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With a geo-political climate of heightened security and “know your customer” legislation, those working in the financial services industry face accountability in every part of their operations. Even as regulatory requirements have become more complex, corporate decision-makers have mandated tighter internal controls, cost reduction and efficiency initiatives designed to maintain a competitive edge.

Career44 understands the needs of the financial services industry and the criticality of protecting sensitive data. To make informed hiring decisions, you need to fully understand an applicant’s history, and ensure they are checked against key industry-specific sanction and watch lists. Our technology delivers deep and complete screening services with an emphasis on security.


Our Employee background screening services provide a comprehensive scan on the credentials of the candidate bringing transparency around claims made

KYC solutions in India are primarily achieved through national identity verification. By mapping the details provided by the customer/employee with that in the database, the correct identity of the customer/employee can be easily and accurately identified instantaneously. In simpler words, KYC helps companies to make sure that their customers and/or clients are not faking the details that they provide through a thorough and reliable cross-checking of data. This is the KYC guarantee.

By using KYC Solutions for individuals, businesses can identify and verify their clients, employees, agents and other attachments in line with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws and more.

With diminishing boundaries and progress in technology, businesses are increasingly collaborating through digital channels in addition to traditional means. This calls for an in-depth KYC to mitigate risks related to potential bad debt, bad publicity and legal issues due to a fraudulent customer.

Mitigate risks involved in partnering, conduct a due diligence on prospective partners and keep your business secure from a regulatory/compliance perspective

The Right Screening

View common screening packages and customise for these types of positions.

Labor Staff (Non Public Facing)

  • Criminal
  • Employment
  • Substance Abuse
  • Address Verification

Manager & Executives

  • Criminal , Education & Employement
  • Licensing, Media Coverage & Business Affiliation
  • Reference Checks, Substance Abuse & Sex offender
  • Sanction Monitoring

Public Facing Staff

  • Criminal, Education & Employment
  • Licensing
  • Sex Offender
  • Substance Abuse


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