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            Criminal Background Check /

             Police Verification

Why order Criminal Background Checks?

Criminal background verification / Police Verification involves checking a person’s past criminal records to gauge the trustworthiness of the person.. This is a herculean task, and requires plenty of time, and in depth analysis of the nature of criminal records.  It is necessary to go for criminal verification before hiring domestic helps, drivers, employees , tutors etc.

A police verification service can help corporate unearth any skeletons in the prospective hire’s closet, thereby saving them from making a terrible mistake. When it comes to police verification, a criminal record verification can help management know if a candidate has a criminal history and whether he/she can be trusted or not.

Using various checks such as litigation database check, criminal record check, court record check; police verification can help us get a bird’s eye-view of the person we’re having inspected.

In addition to creating a safer and more secure environment, criminal record checks can also produce other important benefits, such as:

  • Identifying potentially risky hires

  • Helping safeguard your organisation reputation

  • Protecting organisational assets

  • Fostering trust among current employees

Conducting a criminal history search that is tailored to the requirements of the position not only helps to lessen the potential for on-the-job incidents, it can also help organisation avoid or defend potential negligent hiring lawsuits.


The records maintained by the state government and the national government accumulated from different levels (state, city/town/district, and local police station). The archives maintained by the government authorities save all the data of the criminal history. The details provided by the applicant have to be verified with the records visiting the specific office and requesting the background verification.

Police Verification helps people better understand the nature of candidates and co-workers. With the help of a police verification service, you can take active steps to create a safe environment at workplace. AuthBridge provides superior police verification service in India that can help you keep your work place safe.

To conduct Police Verification in India, employers need to submit their employees’

  • Proof of DOB
  • Address Proof
  • National Id Proof
  • Proof of Employment

We refer the updated records of the National Crime Records Bureau when conducting our checks. We always keep our clients in the loop and provide a detailed report of our police verification findings.

Criminal record check of a potential hire/existing employee can help companies understand whether the person is trustworthy and makes for a safe investment or not. Additionally, organisations wishing to send employees abroad on work need to have a criminal record verification conducted to get the passport and visa for the employee.

57% of employers say the leading benefit of background checks is better quality of hire.
85% of employers report finding misrepresentations on a resume or job application.
77% of employers say background screening uncovered issues that wouldn’t have been caught otherwise.



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