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Unfortunately, not all applicants are totally honest about their qualifications and may make some slight or even egregious misrepresentations of their educational and professional backgrounds. According to the 2018 Employment Screening Bench marking Report, 84% of respondents reported that background screening has exposed a person who lied on a resume.

Now with the increasing demands in the jobs in different sector around the globe it has been noticed that false educational claims are made at a huge number.

Verification services, which include checking employment histories, educational degrees, and professional licenses, can help employers ensure that applicants have the qualifications and backgrounds you require for an open position.

Verification services help avoid the potentially disastrous consequences of hiring someone who does not meet the stated qualifications for an open position. An unqualified new hire may not be able to perform necessary job requirements, which could negatively impact individual and organisational performance, not to mention overall revenue.

Education Verification Services conduct a cross verification of the educational certificates and its authenticity. It helps in taking correct hiring decisions. In process of verification following checks are conducted:

  • Educational Certificates

  • Authenticity of the Educational Institute

  • Duration of the Course

  • GPA and Honors received


To conduct education background checks, education verification companies check the national identification documents of the candidates. They also check the academic records at the school/college, conduct degree verification by checking the mark sheets and certificates and also check any reference letters that the candidate has provided from faculty and admin staff.
An employee who really isn’t qualified for the job is a threat to the Organisation, colleagues and customers. An under-qualified employee will neither have the theoretical knowledge nor the practical skills necessary to perform their job. They may commit errors, which may turn out to be fatal for the customers and their colleagues. This may also lead to multiple legal suits against the organisation, which will result in huge financial loss and loss of goodwill.

With the help of degree verification organisations can:

  • Find out if candidates are being honest about their academic background
  • Understand the skill level and competency of their employees
  • Identify if candidates can become a threat to the safety of the organisation
  • Hire the right people in the right roles within the organisation
57% of employers say the leading benefit of background checks is better quality of hire.
85% of employers report finding misrepresentations on a resume or job application.
77% of employers say background screening uncovered issues that wouldn’t have been caught otherwise.



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